Montessori Grace & Courtesy

Montessori Grace & Courtesy

One of the aspects I love most about homeschooling is being able to answer my son's questions as they come up. This allows most Grace & Courtesy lessons to happen organically throughout our life. Today was a perfect example.

It's hot here today so my son and I were sitting on the sofa with the front door open. A UPS delivery truck stops at our house and the driver carries a package to our front porch. As he sets it down on our porch I call out, "Thank you" and he returns to his truck.

My son asks me why they always leave packages on the porch. Not sure where he's going with this I simply say because that is their job. He says, "But why didn't he set it inside? The door is wide open!"

Finally understanding his question I explain to him that the driver wouldn't go into someone's house without being invited, even to set a package inside.

My son looks at me confused. I remind him of a new rule he's had to follow this summer. He is now allowed to go out on the street or to neighbors' yards if other kids are out playing but he's not allowed to go into anyone's house. That's partially for convenience so I'll be able to find him by calling out, but it's mostly courtesy. He cannot go into someone's house without the parents inviting him.

DJ slowly nods but glances at the door as if to say "but still…" Then I think of our house cleaner that comes once a week. I ask DJ doesn't she ring the doorbell when she comes, even though she's expected? When he agrees I explain that's because she knows it's polite to never assume you can just go into another person's house.

Thank you, delivery person, for prompting an unexpected politeness lesson. 📦

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